Ylläs Gondolisauna liikkeellä


Finnish sauna in the Gondola

Breath taking sauna experience

At the top of Ylläs, 718 meters above the sea, opens enormous scenery of fells in the Lapland. This view you can also get in the sauna gondola, the only one in the world. 

Ylläs is the ski resort, which has this great sauna built in the gondola cabin. Sauna gondola is built in a normal 8 pers. cabin and it is made according to the Finnish sauna culture..

There can be 4 people at the time in this Sauna gondola. Sauna takes a roundtrip from top of Ylläs, down to the Gondola station and then up again. This trip takes 20min. If you rent the Sauna gondola, you have three rounds with gondola. That is why it’s 12 people max. with your group.

This breath taking experience with scenery of fells and trees of Lapland is something to remember. You can look out from the windows and see how the scenery changes when the Sauna gondola goes down from the top of Ylläs and comes back in 20 minutes.

At the top of Ylläs there is also the highest sauna apartment of Finland. There is room with fire place, showers, sauna and Jacuzzi outside. Rest of the group can enjoy the feeling of fire or warm water in the cold winter evening.  If you want, you can rent this top sauna, without the Sauna gondola. The price is 500€ for 12 people. If you take the Sauna gondola, it is 1000€ extra.


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