Oldest public sauna in Finland

Memorable sauna bathing in Rajaportin sauna

Rajaportin Sauna is the oldest public sauna in Finland that is still in us.

There you can enjoy the best and softest "löyly", sauna bathing. This sauna, still heated in the traditional manner, was started in 1906 and has since offered memorable sauna bathing for the citizens of Tampere, as well as visitors from other cities and countries. Separate washrooms for men and women.

A coffee room and the services of a massotherapist are also available. You are most welcome to come and experience the real Finnish Sauna!

 Towels available for renting. T-shirts, towels, socks, combs and razors available for buying.
You can also rent the sauna for your private sauna experience. 

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Rajaportin sauna
Pispalan valtatie 9
33250 Tampere

Phone: +358 (3) 222 3823