Hair care in sauna

The hair should always be protected when in hot sauna, especially if you have used styling products as the hair can get singed in the sauna heat.  It is not recommended to dye your hair in the sauna as it may result in an uneven colour.

The best way to protect your hair is by using a dampened, cool towel or a head wrap. The towel will protect the scalp from excessive sweating and thus makes the sauna experience even more enjoyable. Wash your hair before entering the sauna and add either ordinary or more intensive conditioner, which can be left to penetrate under the dampened towel. 

After sauna

The tangled hair should be handled gently as the damp hair can stretch and get damaged more easily than dry hair. Vegetable oils are often ideal for reconditioning dry and brittle hair. Only use high quality and clean oils. Olive, rapeseed and almond oils can be used neat or as a component in a hair mask or mixed with soft honey. Gently heat an appropriate amount of oil and massage it into the hair and on the scalp, if it is in a dry condition. The oil can be diluted by adding warm water. Wrap the hair in a towel and leave it to penetrate for at least ten minutes, even overnight if necessary. Afterwards wash the hair as normal.