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Log-building with skills and inspiration - Salvos

Authentic log-building skills are not inherited nor do they develop on their own. Handcrafting techniques and understanding the material takes time.

It starts with a passion; a desire to build something real and long-lasting and to do it properly.

Among Salvos’ saunas, cottages and bunkhouses, the old log-building tradition lives, combined now with passion and the skills of contemporary design. Behind everything is our connection to nature. We build on nature's terms;  slowly and with forethought.

Our company is a family business and operates with the values of the same. Values important to us include the tradition of handcraft and quality, skilled and industrious employees, and fair trade.

Your dream is closer than you believe

 Having the summer cottage of your dreams often gets left as only a fantasy because construction is difficult and slow. No need to be so anymore.

Outstanding efficiency

 One does not need to reserve weeks of time for the building process of Salvos log cottages, saunas and bunkhouses. Salvos Perinnesauna (Traditional Sauna) is ready for use on the day of delivery, and Valmismökki (Complete Cottage) within a week.

Inclusive Labour and Material Warranty

 At Salvos, we fully trust the high quality and durability of our log buildings and the professional competence of our installers. That’s the reason we give an inclusive labour and material warranty from the day of delivery.

Unbeatable Service

 We take the dreams of our customers seriously and take care that purchasing our log buildings is secure and convenient

When we leave you with your purchase, your new log buildings are complete and ready-to-use and the construction site is tidy.

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